Thick Film Screen Printer

Organization: University of Oulu » Center of Microscopy and Nanotechnology

AMI-Presco 9155

Hannu Moilanen



Semi-automatic thick-film screen printer

LTCC screen printing. Basic thick film process on ceramic substrates.

PC control. Automatic vision alignment. Windows based software. Full recipe storage. Programmable servo print heads available. 20'' x 20'' screen capacity and possibility to use smaller screens.

Print head:
Mark III Torsion Bar squeegee head
Squeegee drive:
Electric servo motor
Substrate transport:
Reciprocating workholder carriage
Screen/Substrate alignment method:
Workholder stage adjustment
Screen frame attachment:
Substrate alignment method:
Independent micrometer adjustments for X, Y, true Ø
Carriage position repeatability:
±0.0002" (±0.005mm)
Stage lock:
Vacuum lock
Operator interface:
GUI with light pen , PC keyboard and monitor
Control system:
Pentium PC with Windows 2000, automatic setup recipe storage and retrieval

University of Oulu, Micro and Nanotechnology Center, Cleanroom, Erkki Koiso-Kanttilankatu 3, Linnanmaa, 90570 Oulu.


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